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Testing ASP.NET Web Applications скачать

'TestingНазвание: Testing ASP.NET Web Applications
Автор: Jeff McWherter, Ben Hall
Издательство: Wrox
ISBN: 0470496649
Год: 2009
Количество страниц: 432
Формат: PDF
Размер: 11.2 Мб
Язык: Английский

This definitive guide walks you through the many testing pitfalls you might experience when developing ASP.NET applications. The authors explain the fundamental concepts of testing and demystify all the correct actions you need to consider and the tools that are available so that you may successfully text your application.
Author duo of Microsoft MVPs offer a unique resource: a combination of several testing topics and making them specific to ASP.NET, Microsoft's key Web technology for creating dynamic, data-driven Web sites and applications
Guides you through the many testing pitfalls you may experience when developing ASP.NET applications
Reviews the fundamental concepts of testing and walks you through the various tools and techniques available and for successfully testing an application
Discusses several different types of testing: acceptance, stress, accessibility, and security
Examines various testing tools, such as nUnit, VS test suite, WCAT, Selenium, Fiddler, Firebug, and more.

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