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Expert PHP and MySQL скачать

Автор: Andrew Curioso, Ronald Bradford, and Patrick Galbraith
Издательство: wrox
Год издания: 2010
Страниц: 624
ISBN: 978-0470563120
Язык: английский
Размер: 13.0 Мб [PDF]
Best practices and expert techniques for today’s most demanding apps

As the world’s most popular, general purpose, open source scripting language, PHP is frequently used with MySQL to create high-traffic, mission-critical applications. This indispensable book shares proven, author-tested best practices and expert techniques that can be applied to even the most demanding MySQL-driven PHP apps. You’ll explore ways to extend MySQL with user-defined functions, write PHP extensions, and solve problems when PHP and MySQL alone are not enough and other techniques or third-party tools are necessary.

Expert PHP and MySQL:

* Reviews essential techniques, such as design patterns, complex queries, and advanced regular expression
* Addresses advanced PHP concepts, such as iterators and closures
* Demonstrates using Gearman for multitasking in your web applications
* Discusses caching using memcached with MySQL and your PHP web applications
* Discusses ways to create PHP Extensions and MySQL User Defined Functions
* Shows how to use Sphinx for search functionality in your PHP web applications

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