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Gorgeous Skin for Teens: Eat Your Way to Radiant Clear Skin скачать

'GorgeousАвтор: Erica Angyal
Название: Gorgeous Skin for Teens: Eat Your Way to Radiant Clear Skin
Издательство: ARENA
Год: 2008
Формат: PDF
Размер: 5.65 Mb
Страниц: 273
Язык: английский
Для сайта: bukvy.net

Erica Angyal is a nutritionist, health consultant, speaker and writer. Her greatest passions are the areas of preventative nutrition and natural anti-ageing strategies. Erica is the official nutritionist to Miss Universe Japan, the creator of ELIXA organic herbal teas, and a health columnist for several magazines. The author of Gorgeous Skin in 30 Days (Lothian), Erica currently lives in Tokyo, but regularly visits her home country of Australia.
In 2005, a research team led by Professor Neil Mann from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology did a study with Australian teens living in Melbourne to see if a less-processed, healthier diet would clear up their skin. For 12 weeks the teens in the study cut out virtually all processed and bad foods and switched to a healthy diet of fish, lean meat, whole grains, fresh fruit and vegetables. Their acne improved dramatically and the study showed that simply cutting out sugar and junk/processed foods for 3 months was a far more effective weapon against acne than a cabinet full of anti-pimple products.

Gorgeous Skin for Teens outlines an effective skin care strategy based entirely on diet and lifestyle factors. It includes a breakthrough diet plan specifically designed for teens, with recipes, tips inspiration, and all the right information teens need to make smart food choices and to get gorgeous skin. The book includes delicious recipes, easy menu ideas for meals, snacks, school lunches and addressing key body and self-esteem issues.

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