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Netter's Clinical Anatomy
Название: Netter's Clinical Anatomy (Netter Basic Science)
Авторский коллектив: John T. Hansen, David R. Lambert
Город: Philadelphia
Издательство: Saunders Elsevier
Год: 2005
Страниц: 672
Язык: English
ISBN: 1-929007-71-X

Формат: rar/CHM + 5%
Размер: 181.1 mb
Качество: eBook

Аннотация: В книге помимо обычного иллюстрированного описания анатомии человека к каждому разделу приводятся описания характерных клинических отклонений, распространенных заболеваний и т.п. с иллюстациями.

We are proud to introduce Netter's Clinical Anatomy. Generations of students have used Dr. Frank H. Netter's elegant anatomical illustrations to learn anatomy, and this book combines his beautiful anatomical and embryological renderings with numerous clinical illustrations to help students bridge the gap between normal anatomy and its clinical implications.

This book provides succinct text, tables, and bulleted points, which offer students and practitioners a quick reference and review of the essential normal anatomy and the more commonly encountered clinical conditions seen in practice. These clinical correlations are drawn from a wide variety of fields including emergency medicine, radiology, orthopedics, and general surgery, but also include clinical anatomy related to the fields of cardiology, endocrinology, infectious diseases, neurology, oncology, reproductive biology, and urology.

An introductory chapter designed to orient students to the body's organ systems, clinical correlations pages cross-referenced with the normal anatomy pages, and end-of-chapter review questions help to reinforce student learning.

Our intent in creating Netter's Clinical Anatomy was to provide a concise and focused introduction to clinical anatomy, an essential review for students beginning their clinical clerkships or elective programs, and a reference book that clinicians will find useful for review and patient education.


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