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ENT Infections: An Atlas of Investigation and Management скачать

ENT Infections: An Atlas of Investigation and Management
Название: ENT Infections: An Atlas of Investigation and Management
Авторский коллектив: By Vinidh Paleri, John Hill
Издательство: Clinical Publishing Services
Год: 2010
Страниц: 110
Язык: English
ISBN: 1-84692-006-X

Формат: rar/PDF + 5%
Размер: 9,97 mb
Качество: eBook

This new atlas provides an illustrated guide to the investigation, diagnosis and management of infectious diseases of the ear, nose and throat. In the first section of the book the authors begin with an overview of the microbiology of ENT infections, describing the main infective organisms, and the tests by which the presence of bacterial, viral, fungal and other infections can be confirmed. This is followed by a brief summary of the principles of pharmacological management, the agents currently in use and their mode of action. The three main sections of the atlas focus in turn on infections of the ear, the nose and nasopharynx and paranasal sinuses, and the mouth and throat. All follow the same approach, beginning with the basic principles of the physical examination and a review of commonly presenting signs and symptoms. Subsequent sections guide the reader through the various possible diagnoses, the causative organisms and the means by which the infection can be treated, all supported by diagnostic algorithms, tables and high quality colour photographs. The atlas concludes with a special section describing some of the most important tropical infections which are encountered with increasing frequency and with which the clinician needs to be familiar.


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