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Essentials of Autopsy Practice. Current Methods and Modern Trends. скачать


Название: Essentials of Autopsy Practice / Current Methods and Modern Trends.
Автор: Guy N. Rutty.
Издательство: Springer.
Год: 2006
Язык: Английский
ISBN: 1852339675
Формат: pdf
Количество страниц: 247
Размер: 4,86 Mb

A practical hands-on bench book covering difficult areas of autopsy for the modern pathologist. Ruttyв_Ts book is unique в_ chapters deal with issues never previously discussed and have been specifically selected to fill a gap in the market, not just re-hash old ideas.Designed for consultants and trainees alike, not only pathologists of all types but also non-medics involved with the dead in any way в_ lawyers, police, bereavement officers, undertakers. The first volume has become a reference aid to autopsy issues for all grades of lawyers. Thus the audience that the book reaches is greater than a pure autopsy or forensic pathology textbook.

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