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Measurement in Ultrasound: A Practical Handbook скачать

Measurement in Ultrasound: A Practical Handbook
Название:Measurement in Ultrasound: A Practical Handbook
Автор:Paul S. Sidhu, Wui K. Chong
Издательство:A Hodder Arnold Publication
ISBN: 0340762586
Год: 2004
Страниц: 352 pages
Формат: Djvu
Размер: 5,2 MB

Measurement of key parameters is an essential part of interpreting ultrasound scans and differentiating normal anatomy from pathology. Resident radiologists and ultrasonographers often find it difficult to gain a good appreciation of such measurements. This book is a user-friendly handbook that can be used in a day-to-day practice. It is made up of a series of ultrasound images with accompanying explanatory line drawings together with all key measurements. Normal variants are given together with ranges for features that change during development. There is also a list of key references for each criterion. Features include: * Easy-to-use manual with important information quickly to hand while scanning * Comprehensive coverage of all modern ultrasound techniques * Ultrasound images and explanatory line drawings to clarify measurement criteria

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