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Woodworking Crafts - October 2018Название: Woodworking Crafts
Год / месяц: October 2018
Номер: Issue 45
Формат: True PDF
Размер: 36 Mb
Язык: English

Woodworking Crafts - журнал посвящен столярному делу. Обзоры материалов, инструментов и технологий, а также идеи для творчества.
Woodworking Crafts brings you a breadth of knowledge and information which cannot be found in any other woodworking publication on the market. Whether you are a first time woodworker or experienced, there will always be something for you. It has lots of technique articles, features and projects across a wide range of woodworking interests from green woodworking to woodturning, craft projects, upcycling, learnt hand skills, powertool use, the green environment and much more. It is approachable and easy to understand, educational and fun. If you have a thirst for knowledge this is a magazine you will want to keep picking up and reading, a magazine you’ll want to keep. Formally known as Woodworking Plans & Projects.

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