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History of War – Issue 28 2016 скачать

History of War – Issue 28 2016
Название: History of War
Издательство: Imagine Publishing Ltd.
Год / месяц: April 2016
Номер: Issue 28
Формат: PDF
Размер: 80.25 MB
Язык: Английский
Страниц: 100

"History of War" - это журнал, посвященный вооруженным конфликтам, которые велись на протяжении многих тысячелетий.
History of War is the essential new magazine focussed purely on the most vital part of history - armed conflict. With 2014 marking the centenary of the beginning of World War I and also the 75th anniversary of the start of World War II, this is the perfect time to reflect on the great campaigns, characters, weapons and machines of war - not just from the 20th Century, but back through the Napoleonic era to the Middle Ages and beyond. History of War will bring you the finest and most informed writing from leading historians and authors, all presented in a contemporary, high quality format. Subscribe now to ensure you never miss an issue of this compelling new magazine.

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