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Seapower Vol.53 Num.12 December 2010 скачать

'SeapowerНазвание: Seapower
Год / месяц: 2010 / декабрь
Номер: Vol.53 Iss.12
Формат: PDF в RAR
Размер: 19,9 Mb + 3%
Язык: английский

SEAPOWER magazine and its Almanac issue are official publications of the Navy League of the United States, an international organization founded in 1902 to support the U.S. sea services. SEAPOWER articles cover a wide range of topics, including national defense, foreign policy, naval affairs, maritime issues, homeland security and defense research, development and procurement. SEAPOWER coverage focuses on such areas as defense strategies, emerging technologies and ways to improve the operational concepts and managerial processes of the U.S. sea services.
Presidents Message, 3.
Editors Note, 4.
Washington Report, 6.
Intercepts, 7.
New Navy Cyber Command Begins "Walking Upright", 10.
Navy Realigns Fleet Chain of Command, 14.
New Command Focuses on Integrated Air and Missile Defense Mission, 16.
European Missile Defense Plan Puts Onus on U.S. Aegis Ships,20.
DDG 1000 Will Introduce New Warfighting, Engineering Technologies, 24.
Officials Weigh Pros and Cons of Expanding Nuclear Propulsion, 28.
ONR Initiates Research to Improve Reverse Osmosis Systems, 32.
Could Canine Olfactory Systems Hold Key to Better IED Detection? 34.
Military Education Programs Adapt to New Security Threats, 38.
Program Snapshot, 46.
Historical Perspective, 50.
Ships Library, 51.
Navy League News, 52.
Council Digest, 64.
In My Own Words, 72.

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