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154 Crochet Wave Patterns скачать

154 Crochet Wave Patterns
Автор Darla Sims
Название 154 Crochet Wave Patterns
Издательство Leisure Arts, Inc.
Год 2008
Язык Английский
ISBN 9781601405586
Страницы 161
Формат JPG
Размер 78.17mb

Огромное колличество вязанных образцов выбор на любой вкус.
This awesome book is a crocheter's dream. Each of the design patterns given include picture, with repeat information to create your own patterns.

This book contains "154 Wave Patterns", and one thing I like about this book is the pretty modern color combinations. The color combinations featured throughout the book are similar to those used on the covers, they are really inspiring to look at. There is a very good variety here as well. Some times with these books that contain 100+ patterns for anything you will find that a lot of the patterns are basically the same, except for a few stitch changes.

Разместил lorna в категорию ЖУРНАЛЫ / Вязание и шитьё (журналы)
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